Welcome back to Researching Asylum in London (RAL). With support from the School of Social Sciences at City University London, RAL has been relaunched. Over the coming months this independent database of research on refugee and asylum issues relevant to London will be updated with new material. The aim of Researching Asylum in London is to make research more accessible to service providers, academics, journalists and policy-makers working in the field. The database contains summaries of research including the aims, methodology, key findings, conclusions and recommendations, with the facility to search via themes, populations, London Boroughs or simply by keywords or phrases.

As new research becomes available, the RAL UPDATE, a bulletin that brings you up-to-date with the latest additions to our RAL database, and a separate statistics update, will be published on a regular basis.

We're delighted to welcome you back to this resource, and we look forward to announcing new initiatives that enhance the quality of asylum and refugee research in the UK.

Dr Christopher McDowell, Director, RAL

Ronja Lykke Kastberg, Research Coordinator, RAL


How to Search RAL

Read about our summaries and the different ways you can search the database

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© hottwist flickr.com; www.ukstudentlife.com; JRAWLS flickr.com

A Brief history of asylum in London provides context to the research included on the RAL database. This short piece gives a basic outline of the history of refugee migration to London, focusing on settlement patterns, reception and figures.

London asylum statistics summarises the statistical information taken from home office statistics relating to the asylum seeker and refugee population in the capital.